ūüí° How LFA¬†Works

I have a problem

I'm reliant upon tech to run my accounting practice. The trouble is the sheer volume of new tech is more than I can manage. My tech stack stretches well beyond the boundaries of accounting, into communications, CRM, RPA, payments, banking, data integration, file management. I'm not simply watching the accounting tech pipeline, I'm watching the entirety of B2B. Tech-first accountants share this problem.

Outsource your product discovery

The project started as a simple way to help the community, sharing the work we were already doing. We now review over 300 launches from around the globe each week, and hand-pick the 15-20 that are our favorites. The list is then further curated by accountants like you, and those that receive the most attention are sent out each week.

‚ú® How Launches are Selected

Launches are included when they meet one of the following criteria, and are deemed to be among the 15-20 launches of the week most relevant to accountants, as determined by the LFA editorial staff:

‚Äć1. Initial product launch

The majority of launches featured are first-time product launches, or a launch of an adjacent offering by an established product.

2. New funding round

A launch can be included in the feed organically if it has received a new round of funding.

3. Significant product update

If a product update is deemed to be significant by the LFA editorial staff, it can be included in the feed. We look for updates that make a potential user re-assess whether it's a fit for their needs.

ūüŹÜ Weekly Top Launch

Every week the most popular launch, as determined via link tracking is featured as the week's "Top Launch". A two minute video demo is produced & distributed in the following week's newsletter, via the LFA social channels, and will be linked to via the tool page.

Have a tool you'd like to share that doesn't meet these criteria?
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